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Manipulations and Destruction of Democracy

Reader Comment #3 on Chinese Rooster Year Outlook, Part 2

by Allan Hodgdon
February 21, 2005

Dear M or Ms Nystrom (not knowing),

(Stay with me here.)
What a piece of work you are. Doom - Gloom - Dire - Endtimes are most insufficient to describe your style.

To contemplate your writings is to sink into a funk outside of description. AND I love and am energized by it. I'd love to label your stuff as incredulous, but the facts lean as much toward your credibility as against it. So much of it rings plausible as not.

For years now I've contemplated the emerging Earth Changes; Crashing of the Dollar and it's Economy; The Emerging End of Life -- in this country, as we knew it and now lately; the seeming Irrational King at the helm.

It's only been in the past decade or so that I've really been paying attention to the real (underlying) manipulations and destruction of what used to be a democracy. I now see what has been emerging over the past 4 decades. Just this morning I remarked to my wife that I can't believe the cynical man I've become regarding all things political and governmental.

By necessity I've become distrusting. Distrusting of our monetary, judicial, govermental, and social systems. They are most visible to those who are willing to look, and have been building to a great crescendo in front of our very eyes. No longer up for debate, the coming decline is in the hands of the Gods as to when the hammer will fall.

I've gnashed my teeth over how to counter the inevitable for my own and my family's security, only to realize that there is little to be done if the system in which I live is to come down around me.

On a recent trip north to Canada, I pulled off the highway north of Syracuse to search for a gas station. About 4 miles down the road I pulled into a tiny town (or so I thought) to get gas. Next to the gas station was a McDonalds. Suddenly I became aware of military people everywhere; scurrying here and there. When I looked around it was like being in a parallel universe, seeing all things military, with military housing everywhere I looked and all brand spankin' new!

F or some unknown reason I had an eerie feeling. As I got back on the highway, it donned on me that this base was within spitt'n distance of a major border crossing. No big deal there! So, why did I have an overwhelming thought that these troops camped close by where there NOT to keep terrorists out, but more to keep the US Citizens in?! I still don't understand that rationale, except to say that it was the dominant thought and continues to hold to this day. (seems to fit right in with your scenario.)

Many say to buy gold, but what's the point if no one else has it and sees that you do. You only become a target. I've considered moving to the country to avoid the looting and shooting, with the hopes of living more self sufficiently. But, who's to say one wouldn't be vulnerable on just as significant a scale, with the poor rednecks and hillbillies! Isn't that the greatest source for recruiting of the militia?! There is also the isolation from the friends and neighbors we now enjoy, and with whom we could band together in mutual support.

In these scenarios there are no safe financial havens. Greenbacks will be well more worthless than they are today. So what, if you invest in foreign (fiat) currencies, as they're just as destined to go the way of the buck. Besides, they exist in Cyberspace and will just as likely be lost & gone. Stocks & Bonds? Shoot, I adandoned that crap-shoot years ago! Talk about manipulation.

All at once, after all these decades there's a so-called emergency to fix Social Insecurity. Of course that problem wasn't visible 3-4 decades ago (he said, with all the sarcasm he could muster). Those cowards are so deep in financial doo-doo, and so concerned about their re-elections and own safety nets, that they won't lift a finger to fix it even if they could!

Unfortunately we've long gone soft and lack the moral fortitude to stand forth and do anything to regain what's been lost. I saw on PBS the other night where there was a big push to save the documents upon which our country was founded. What's the point? They've become pieces of paper that are worth about as much as our fiat currency. Much of what has been our guiding light has been amended into thin air.

I'm trying to find a way to end this that could be light and gay.

How 'bout this :

Ah don't smoke, take dope, tell jokes, jump rope.
Laugh, dance, sing, make fun of the pope.
Play raggidy kid games,
But, ah'm hell when ah'm well,
And I ain't been sick lately !

Sorry for lacking constructive thoughts, but I'm no deep thinker, nor do I posses the necessary credentials to step up.

Keep the faith, I mean really; "Keep The Faith", for it may be the best gig we got goin' for ourselves, for the other gig's up.

God Bless AmeriKa,

Turn off the TV and think!