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Reader Comments on
Chinese Rooster Year Outlook, Part 2

M.A. Nystrom, M.B.A.
Man on the street in (the Republic of) China
February 21, 2005

1. Responses

If you haven't read the original article, take a gander at it over here: Chinese Rooster Year Outlook, Part 2. Once again, I received many more interesting comments and responses than I could reprint or personally respond to. A few are reprinted below. Additionally, I received four very excellent long pieces that stand on their own as informative articles and op-ed pieces. This is precisely the kind of interaction I was looking for when I started this site. Keep thinking, and keep it coming!

1. Interesting Times, by Joel
2. The Crash that Was, by Ronald Vida
3. Manipulations and Destruction of Democracy, by Allan Hodgeson
4. Railroads are the Life Blood of this Country, by Anonymous

2. Other Comments

Some of the shorter comments are here:

Hi Michael

I would suggest you keep Part 2 for the future because I think and feel it will blow your socks off to realize your "story" ends up being pretty close to reality. First and foremost, the planet is and has begun her earth changes to rebalance herself. Yes increases in all kinds of Mother Earth's calamities will befall us humans. The USD and the world financial system is on the verge of collapse. Very hard to pinpoint the day or year ...yet it is getting closer and closer, within 7 years in my opinion.

Most of us are blind to the SIGNALS and continue to lead our lives as if it will all be ok tomorrow but one day a scenario of different sorts will befall us after in our own unique "day after tomorrow".

Great stuff Michael. I enjoy reading it as it is like a slap in the back of the head to remember that changes are upon us, and they keep coming faster and faster, with greater and greater dire consequences for all of us on the planet and for the planet itself.




Dear Michael,
The main mistake of your article is the year, it is not 2005 - it begins in 2006. Leave China because the tsunami from Japan sinking hitting the Chinese coasts will claim millions of lives....Japan sinks on a future New Year's Day. California looses it's coasts in the 2nd quarter (probably 2006) and New York gets hit by quakes 90 days later....Vesuvius blows before California drops, so you get a warning heads-up.

Why do I think these things....35 years of studying the world's prophecies all over the world. World Wars are just ahead, China wins the last one. You may think you have a nut here - so far I have made millions by using these same prophecies and staying just ahead of events. I have travelled the world and seen and learned more then most, stay alert because it is going to get far worse and for a long time.....we live in 'interesting times'. Best regards.


It was very refreshing reading your editorial. You are correct in your assesment that we as a species will need to co-operate in order to survive. Competition is unsustainable and will be our undoing. Your thoughts mirror the Christ's concerns. I believe humanity is on the cusp of a new age which will bring many changes. For more on this www.shareintl.org . Thanks for your thoughtful comments, there may be hope for us after all.



The scenario that brings down this house of cards needn't be this dramatic but you sure got my attention. My investment goal has always been to keep what I have and survive. I think in this day and age, physical gold, silver and a good set of hand tools are pretty much all you can really count on. If you'd like to take the edge off a disruption in the oil supply, go to www.bikeengines.com

- CP

3. Like I said, Thanks again.

Thank you for the input, and the stimulation. Whatever happens, always remember that the best things, the most important things in life, are free.


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